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3 Best Apps That Help People with Speech and Communication Disability

It can be so challenging when People with speech disability tries to communicate with caregivers, friends, family, and loved ones. Parents and caregivers can also become frustrated when they are unable to understand their loved one.

With the technology that is available today, communication aids are becoming much more common and accessible. There are now many apps that help people with disabilities to speak and communicate more easily and effectively.

Open Sesame – Mobile phones have become a common need for everyone, including people with disabilities. Millions of people have limited use of their hands, which prevents them from doing activities that most of us take for granted and regular phones are not equipped for the needs of people with limited mobility. Open Sesame uses the front-facing camera of any Android device to track head movement and unlock a touch-free smartphone, allowing the user to type text, make phone calls, and use other features.

Predictable – Predictable is designed for people who are literate but do not have the ability to speak, due to cerebral palsy, motor neuron disease, laryngectomy, autism, stroke, apraxia, brain injury, or any other condition that affects a person’s speech. When users start typing on Predictable, the app predicts what the person wants to say and reads the sentence, giving a voice to people who don’t have one.

Talkitt – Talkitt is an app that helps people with speech and language disorders to communicate. Talkitt translates unintelligible pronunciation into understandable speech. It works by learning the user’s speech patterns, creating a personal speech dictionary, and identifying, recognizing, and translating the person’s speech so the individual is more easily understood.

You can download these apps on either Google Play Store or Apple Store.

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