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Attention: Have You Ever Wondered What People Are Going Through In The World Now?

According to World Food Programme, the COVID-19 pandemic will see more than a quarter of a billion people suffering acute hunger by the end of the year.

The concerns of people in this lockdown anchors majorly not on the virus itself but on hunger.

In a direct response to needs facing the community as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Jibore Foundation stepped in with palliative contribution targeting those with disabilities because of the peculiarity of their needs

The foundation provided foodstuffs and cash to several people with disability in her environment thus putting smiles on their faces.

Several foodstuffs like rice, beans, semo, tin tomatoes, salt, cash and several other materials were donated to make life better for people with disabilities. This was done majorly to cushion the effect of the stay at home

Here is what a beneficiary has to say….

“Thank you Jibore for this provision…Your foundation will not be destroyed but it will continue to soar“

In this global health crisis and economic downturn, we all need to do our part. Every action matters, and working as a team, we can make a big impact for the needy….

Hunger has a sound…
If it can be heard, We can end it with your support

Support us and let us touch more lives

Reach us on +2348037831698 or check our website for more info ibore impeccable foundation is very passionate about assisting people with disability, we have done several things to help people with disability like assisting family of four living with disabilities, sponsoring freedom ceremony of physical challenge lady, awareness creation, food donation, cash donation, assistance on health matter, book support, book production of person with disability and another

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