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The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a devastating toll on hundreds of millions of people across the globe.

The outbreak of Coronavirus has not only impacted families and individuals but crushed the economy and business.

People with disabilities were not left out in this suffering, in fact, they have the highest share of it because of restrictions place on them by the society before the COVID-19 outbreak and some factors that limit their choices due to the nature of their challenge.

Over 100 people have been empowered through Jibore Foundation which is cut across various states in Nigeria (Kwara, Kogi, Oyo, Zamfara), the support ranges from medical support, empowerment, cash donations, food donation, education support, and much more.

During the COVID-19 outbreak, over 30 people were fed by the foundation, in continuation of the good work to reduce the negative effect of COVID-19 on people with disabilities business.

The organization empowers Mrs. Ibrahim Zainab popularly known as ‘Iya Alate’ a woman with spinal cord injury using a wheelchair, she is a trader selling foodstuff and other household commodities. During the lockdown when everyone was to stay at home, her business collapsed. Hearing about the good work of the Jibore Foundation, she reaches out to them and seeks assistance to revive her business.

In response to her request, the Foundation built a beautiful kiosk for her and loaded it with foodstuff so that her business can pick it up again. She is extremely happy with the gesture and calls on other members of the society to support the foundation to be able to do more for humanity, she also encourages other people with disabilities to stop begging and bring out their God giving potential because begging will rob them of becoming a better person in the society.

During her interview when the commission was done, the founder of the Foundation Mrs. Joy expresses her gratitude to Almighty God for the grace to help humanity, she is happy for the success of the project and especially thank everyone who has been supporting the foundation in one way or the other because the project of the foundation is been sponsor through personal finance and support from people that believe in the mission.

Special appreciation to Learnoflix, an education platform that is impressed with the good work of the Foundation and gives their financial assistance so that the foundation can do more for humanity.

Our appreciation has no limit, she encourages other organizations to emulate a good example of Learnoflix and support the good work to be able to touch more lives of people with disabilities.

So many projects at hand are demanding support, like support the family at Oyate where all the families are with disabilities, but thriving to fend for themselves despite their condition, they need caregivers to help them because they are unable to move about due to their disability.

The case of the 15 years old Taye was affected with Fistula that made her drop of school is another area the Foundation requires money to treat her.

The blind Jariat education support is another responsibility of the Foundation aside from abandoned old 40-years old Seyi that the foundation now takes full responsibility for feeding and care.

So many projects the foundation want to embark on like establishing a school for the challenged to give access to education for people in the rural area

She advised the government on the need for the inclusion of people with disabilities in every table decision is made so that they can express themselves because nothing for us without us and we are part of the society.

She advocates for more schools for special needs in the rural areas because the majority of this set of people resides in the place, therefore, the location of more schools in a rural area will give them access to education which will empower them to become a better citizen

The project was commissioned by Mr. I T Udom CEO of Tomsin Computer Services, other dignitaries at the occasion are Barrister Ahmed from human rights commission Kwara state, Mr. Olusoji Afolabi, Mrs. Iyunade Adekola, Miss Damilola, Miss Glory, and many more graced the occasion.

Jibore Impeccable Foundation is a humanitarian organization that started about 6 years ago and got registered officially with CAC in 2018 this organization is committed to providing solutions to problems facing people with disabilities.

We are determined to do more for humanity as God gives us more grace. We call on all philanthropists, supporters, volunteers to aid the Foundation to help more people living with disabilities.

Nothing is too small or too big: your support either financial or material will help the good work to continue. Click here to donate or contact Madam Mrs. Joy on +2348127836679

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