Jibore Impeccable foundation is touching lives daily and our major Challenge is that most times we run out of finance to carry out most of the projects. Abandoning projects is NOT an option we can consider, that’s why your support in any form can make a big difference.

We have several projects at hand that are not yet completed, while so many others keeps coming in.

We’re focused on help people living with disability and it seems as the numbers increased and the needs for foundation to come for their aid, but based on so many factors, and limited in financial capability, the foundation couldn’t attend to all the calls and needs.

That is why we’re seeking for your support in anyway you can get involve lets Restore the Hope to the Hopeless.

seyi School Fees

The foundation sent Mr. Seyi to School and the school fees coupled with His feeding etc cost about…

But Currently, that foundation is thinking of withdrawing him from the school because of expenses. We need your support to finish up this project and may God Help and Bless you as you support this Project.

Family 4, All Living With Disability needs accommodation

The familly of Sokedile, the mother and three children are living with disability that makes life though for them.

We have been helping the with the necessity of life, and we bought sewing machine for their daughter who acquired skills to be support the family. Now life is NOT funny with them because once it rains, they will be heavy flood inside where they are staying. 

We are calling your attention to support the foundation, so that we can get them out from the flood. They need where to sleep more than they even need food to eat.

Taye Need your help to Live and to go back to school

We are calling the Attention of the general public to Help Her. She’s battling with spinal cord injury, as if this is not enough, she is the girl with fistula case that Jibore foundation is seeking your financial assistance in order to solve the serious problem facing her.

Many may not understand what fistula mean, in her vistula case she passes both urine and excreta involuntarily without knowing it because of this condition, she has to drop out of school because of the emotional trauma she passes through because other children are running away from her because of the smell associated with her condition.

She uses pampers 24/7, this leaves painful sores on her private part causing her a lot of suffering and inconveniences since her infant. She is an intelligent girl. Her twin sister kehinde is in secondary school while she still remain at home unable to complete primary school because of her condition.

JIBORE FOUNDATION TOOK HER TO EVANGEL VESCO VAGINA FISTULA CENTER BINGHAM UNIVERSITY TEACHING HOSPITAL JOS IN NOVEMBER 2019 But she was referred to Neurosurgeon as they were unable to offer the care because her case is Fecal and urinary incontinence secondary to Spinal Bifida.

Welcome To Jibore Core- Initiatives for the people loving with disability.

We are on a mission to redefine DISABILITY to THIS-ABILITY.

We believe Disability is not inability but an unpopular type of ability.

Jibore foundation is creating awareness on the need to educate people with disability, provide solution to their problems and support their productive activities to better their lives.

Our 3 core Initiatives

We Empower,

We Educate & sensitize

We rehabilitees their mindset.

Various ways you can Support Our Mission To To Make More Impact.


Jibore Impeccable foundation is touching lives daily and our major Challenge is that most times we run out of finance to carry out most of the projects. Abandoning projects is NOT an option we can consider, that's your support in any form can make a big difference.


Our Empowerment program is an initiative to empower people living with disability to regain their potentials, we offer wheel chairs to them to enhance mobility, we buy sewing machines among other equipment to enable learning and to fund the Jibore School of art. We need the general Public to Support us to fund this program.


We provide education to Disable people by putting them in a classroom where they learn different skills and sharpen their talents in order to become productive and useful to themselves, to their family, to their family and to the society at large. This program cost us heavily, That's why we're soliciting for your support.


We come in-between the saying that says, Health is Wealth. And Good health comes from good feeding. The major problems of the 80% of the disable people is Malnutrition. Because of this we spend heavily on food stuffs, Clothes, Toiletries and supplements to keep them healthy. Your donations to support this movement can save-a-soul.

Donate generously to account below.
Account Name: Jibore impeccable foundation;

Account Number: 0103725199

Bank Name: Access Bank Nigeria.

Our Inspiration

Poverty, Starvation and hunger has claimed a lot of lives. Many people that could have be productive and contribute  meaningfully to the growth of the society has been rendered useless due to poverty. Read More>>>

Our Expenses

Programs and Activities

Live your life to impact others positively by giving helping hands, The good you do today will come back to you in an unexpected way because no good deed is lost.Lets Assist people living with disability and find solutions to the problems facing them. No amount is small, little drops of water makes the ocean.