Poverty, Starvation and hunger has claimed a lot of lives.Many people that could have be productive and contribute  meaningfully to the growth of the society has been rendered useless due to poverty.

Many commit crime because of hunger and poverty  making the society difficult for everyone. we cannot sleep with our eyes close for  fear of attack by criminals due to poverty leading to crime. Fighting is the order of the day everywhere because a hungry man is an angry man.Some people became bed ridden because there was no money to treat sickness early until it get out of hands, some people became permanently blind because they don’t have money to cure cataract in the early stage.  Its very  pathetic that people with disability are affected most  by poverty and hunger because of their helpless condition.

 The most painful part of the whole situation is that several people with disability against all odds learnt a lot of vocation and develop themselves in their field of learning but no patronage for their products. For instance there is a touching case of husband and wife that are blind that produce turkey that grow to the stage of selling but no buyer, they continue feeding the turkey that cannot grow again because there is no buyer.  

Identifying this problem of lack of patronage leading to hunger and poverty in the life of people with disability Jibore impeccable foundation being a humanitarian organization  with integrity decided to step in and provide lasting solution to this prevailing problem  through her showcasing products of people with disability to the world for patronage,  so that life can be better for people with disability. It was a very nasty experience for a lot of people with disability far and wide and they wallow in poverty.

Here is the good news, Jibore impeccable foundation through her sincerity of purpose and great commitment to add value to the life of disable people, gives access to people with disability to exhibit their product so that they can be patronized in order to alleviate poverty.  

Its a win win story for everyone because you will  buy quality products and also put smiles on people’s faces of people with disability for patronizing them and God will reward you in turn because no good deed is lost, join us to make the world a better place for people with disability. Visit Shop.

You can donate to the foundation also so that we can assist more people with disability by  providing solution to various problems facing them.

Lets join hands together to make impact, life of impact is life of value , its good to leave an indelible mark on the sand of time while we are alive by doing good. the good you do to others will come back to you. Living for others is the best life. Integrity remain our watch word in Jibore foundation Thanks for reading us;

we anticipate your support with your help. Your Donation can save a soul.