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Sam Harvard: Jibore Foundation Celebrates A Rare Legend

“An empathetic heart is a rare virtue and a special blessing from God”
For what is wealth without a heart that can feel pain”.

Celebrating a humanitarian icon. A special blessing to humanity, A Ray of hope to the downtrodden, An Epitome of Hope in Hopeless situations, A living Prophecy that dry bones can rise again, A Proof that failure is just a bend along the way and not the end of the road in itself, A great blessing to this generation and generations yet unborn. Sam, you are these, and more….

Sam, you symbolize courage and possibilities irrespective of background. Born poor and starting out academically miserable, broke, homeless and jobless, Sam rose to become a millionaire in six months through a high income Affiliate marketing program.

The largeness of Sam’s heart allows him to share his success secrets with all who are ready to learn.

For those who don’t know, Sam’s Learnoflix Affiliate Program has produced many millionaires and still counting. He is a man who rose from nothing to become Africa’s most sought after business growth and marketing expert, a man who combines business acumen and a heart enough to help humanity, a man who has succeeded in planting trees in the hearts of men by a distinct lifestyle which has germinated and brought forth great fruits in his lifetime.

Sam, we are grateful at jiborefoundation for your financial and moral support towards the vision of our organization.

Your support have helped tremendously our mission to make life better for Person with Disabilities by solving their problems and bringing out the best in them to become relevant to the society.

From all of us at Jibore Foundation, we wish Sam Harvard (Asiwaju) all the best on your special day, We are so grateful you came into the world because you make the world better everyday.

We wish you good health and long life. We pray for God’s protection on you and your family.More success and more wisdom to excel in your endeavors.

Join us to celebrate Sam Harvard by putting your wishes for him in the comment box.

“There is no better way to thank God for your sight than by giving a helping hand to someone in the dark.” Helen Keller

Best way to express appreciation to God for having complete parts of the body is to help people with Disabilities bring out abilities in their disability. Together we can make the world better

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We look forward for more support from everyone so that People With Disability can thrive and contribute meaningfully to the growth of the society.

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