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It’s disheartening to see how so many persons care less about their fellow humans just because they see themselves as complete!

But, I want to ask you this:

• How do you feel when you see someone holding a ladder so tightly and doing nothing with it and that is what you badly need at that time?

• How do you feel when someone intentionally disappoints you because he or she feels that you are not worth their time?

• How do you feel when you are told to come back for a thing and you are looking at that thing right in front of you?

Bad right? You would feel bad because you know that these sets of persons can change your life or give you what you want.

This is how Madam Jariat is feeling right now because she knows that you hold what she needs right now to get better.

Yes, you! I mean you that is reading this or are you surprised I said you are the one holding what she needs?

No! You don’t need to because your little 1,000 Naira ($2) can go a long way to satisfy her present need.

Oh! Do you know who she is?
I’ll tell you.

Madam Jariat is a 22-year-old lady who got blind while she was in J.S.S 2 which brought about her quitting her education as things could not go smoothly and what saddens the whole situation is that she is without a father and has a mother who is old and physically challenged.

Jariat is strong-willed about her education and she sees herself doing better even though she is visually impaired.

But the issue on the ground is that her family is lacking the financial capacity to finance her education this is why Jibore Foundation has taken it upon themselves to share in her pains but we can’t do it alone without you.

The sum of a Hundred Thousand Naira (100,000) {$243} is needed yearly to fund her education and that’s why we are beckoning on you to show your little support because in oneness we can achieve this.


You can do well using the account details below to show some love

Jibore Impeccable Foundation
Access bank

Or contact for more details on +2348037831698, +2348144738489
Or send us an email at

We Anticipate Your Great Support Which Is Not Taken For Granted!

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