Our Impact

We Make Life Worth Living For People With Disabilities.

Support Jibore Foundation to Make a Powerful Difference. One That Can Be SEEN, FELT, and EXPERIENCED In The Lives of over 1 Billion People With Disabilities.


We believe everyman was born naked but no one is empty.

We help people living with disabilities to discover their potentials and make them embrace their competence despite their weaknesses.

We also believe that no gift is useless, it is only used less so we don’t just help them discover their potential but also make them give expressions to them.


From business ideas to hospital bills to education pursuit to house rents…

“We Sponsor them ALL”

We also provide financial-empowering channels and opportunities for those with disabilities to make money for themselves to pursue their dreams.


According to World Food Programme, the COVID-19 pandemic has seen more than a quarter of a billion people suffering acute hunger by the end of the year.

The concerns of people amidst the virus anchor majorly not on the virus itself but on hunger.

Jibore Foundation has been distributing food palliatives targeting those with disabilities because of the peculiarity of their needs.


Many people who have disabilities have been abandoned by families and friends. Statistics has it that 75% of blind men we give alms to by the street were abandoned by their families.

We help provide an amazing amd comfortable homes for these homeless ones.

No One Has Ever Become Poor By Giving
We’re one of the most ethical foundations in Africa.
We are on a mission to redefine DISABILITY to THIS-ABILITY.

We believe Disability is not an inability but an unpopular type of ability.

Support Our Mission To Make More Impact
Jibore Impeccable foundation is touching lives daily and our major challenge is that most times we run out of finance to carry out most of the projects.

Abandoning projects is NOT an option we can consider, that’s your support in any form can make a big difference.

Our Projects & Our Success Stories

Hope Was Given To Mr. Fasikun Oluwaseyi

My name is Fasikun Oluwaseyi from Oro Ago Ifelodun LGA kwara state, I have challenge with my legs, I can’t walk, I crawl, this kept me indoor. I was abandoned with my helpless old grand parents because of my disability, I don’t eat regularly, I hardly bath nor brush my teeth, I looked dirty, malnourished and untidy and I am always sad.

I lost hope in my situation until Jibore foundation visited our home and gave me new life, they provide me care, took me to the hospital for check up,

 as if this is not enough, the foundation also enrolled me in a physically challenged school and finance the payment.

During the covid19 lockdown, I returned home because school was on lockdown but a caregiver was employed to be taking care of me and I didn’t lack any good thing, my hope was rekindled and I am positive about becoming useful and becoming a better person.

The foundation put smiles on my face and my joy knows no bound. I am grateful for the positive impact jibore made in my life. Jibore I oni jiya, koni kabuku, koni damun is the prayer in the mouth of Seyi daily ( meaning jibore foundation will not suffer, will not be in trouble and God will not put them to shame)

A Turning Point For A Family 4, All Living With Disability

We are the family of Sokedile, our mother and three children are living with a disability that makes us four living with disability in the same family with no help from anyone.

We are so excited about how Jibore Foundation came to the aid of our family, by giving us food, 

cash and also to further advocate for assistance for our family which gave us massive support far and wide.

We get massive support. New phones were bought for us, a sewing machine was bought for my daughter, Jibore Foundation sponsored the freedom ceremony for my daughter, the foundation showcased our ability to the world and put smiles on our faces.

During the covid19 pandemic, the foundation gave us foodstuffs and also established a trading business for us so that we can have means of the lively hood to feed ourselves conveniently. May God reward Jibore Foundation abundantly.

We have several projects at hand that are not yet completed, while so many others keep coming in.

We’re focused on helping people living with disability and it seems as the numbers increased and the need for the foundation to come for their aid, but based on so many factors, and limited financial capability, the foundation couldn’t attend to all the calls and needs.

Our On-Going Project

The Family of 4, All Living With Disability that Needs Accommodation.

The family of Sokedile, the mother, and three children are living with a disability that makes life tough for them. We have been helping them with the necessity of life, and we bought a sewing machine for their daughter who acquired skills to support the family. Now life is NOT funny with them because once it rains, they will be a heavy flood inside where they are staying. We are calling your attention to support the foundation so that we can get them out of the flood. They need where to sleep more than they even need food to eat.

Jibore Impeccable Foundation
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