Toyosi Thomas, Woman with a golden heart

Toyosi Thomas: Using Public Service to Promote Gender, Disability Inclusion

As individuals, groups and organizations over the globe celebrate this year’s International Women’s Day (IWD), the executive director of Jibore Impeccable Foundation, Mrs Joy Bolarin (aka Madam Jibore) has seized the opportunity to spotlight a rising Amazon in the Nigerian public service space.

The Amazon is none other than Kwara state’s commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development, Hon. Toyosi Thomas.

Toyosi was appointed as commissioner by the state Governor, Abdulrazaq Abduraham for a string of stellar performances in her previous office as Senior Special Assistant to the governor on NGO affairs.

The name Toyosi rings various positive notes to different people within the State. To her community in Isin LGA of the state, she is a “good daughter” of the soil. To the various NGOs  in Kwara State, she is an exceptional leader who has left lasting impact, and to those who have had the privilege of working closely with her, she’s a great mentor – selfless, dedicated and inspirational.

Leadership with integrity and humanity

Mrs Thomas is one woman who bestrides a political space notoriously beleaguered by double dealings, corruption and self aggrandizement with rare virtues of godly integrity and selflessness that sets her from the pack.

For her, the privileges and powers of political position are meant to be used, first and foremost for advancing humanity. She is a humanitarian par excellence. Dedicated, hardworking and largely independent, this paradigm of public service is indeed reason to tell ourselves that good and selfless people with godly fear still exist in every field of human endeavors, not the least, government.

According to Madam Jibore, the commissioner is easy going, humble, respectful, selfless, and friendly. Always ready to serve, result oriented, God fearing, and easily identifies with worthy projects/causes backed by integrity.

Toyosi is an active actor and encourager of humanitarian causes. She is always encouraging others with similar passion to help humanity but have little or no resources to carry out their wish. She firmly believes that “So far you are doing impact driven programs for the benefit of humanity, whether people support you or not, God will open doors for you to get it done”. You will never be stranded with God, she enthuses.

In an era rife with government officials collecting kickbacks and embezzling public funds, Toyosi is one of the few individuals that have managed to keep their hands unsoiled. It is on record that this gold hearted woman sometimes spends her personal money to ensure the success of government initiated programs.

Exemplary Public Servant

As Senior Special Assistant to the State Governor on Non-Governmental Organization affairs, she left indelible memories of excellence in service by her untainted integrity, inspirational leadership and selfless service. It was while serving in that capacity that Toyosi took a special interest in organizations dedicated to persons with disabilities. One of these is Jibore Impeccable Foundation. Interestingly, Madam Jibore is another person of integrity – indeed as the old saying goes, like-minds attract.

It is this integrity factor and a commitment to value adding, people oriented service that forms a common ground for both women

According to Joy Bolarin, our society will be much better off if political office holders, stakeholders, and indeed every other privileged individual out there would emulate Toyosi’s big heartedness towards persons with disabilities, the disadvantaged and the vulnerable.

Seasoned Administrator

Tall and elegant, brilliant and articulate, Toyosi combines measured cosmopolitanism with a heart of gold.

This unassuming technocrat brings to her new position over two decades cognate experience in social development, business advisory and financial management. Her academic pedigree includes a bachelor degree in business administration (accounting) from Howard university, Washington DC. She graduated cum laude. Toyosi also holds a Masters degree (business administration) and professional certification in financial management from the renowned Johns Hopkins’ Carey business school, United States of America.

Accelerating Progress

A go-getter par excellence, she won public admiration by hitting the ground running on assuming office as Commissioner for Agriculture and Rural Development – striking strategic partnerships with key stakeholders in the State to take agriculture and other developmental indices to greater heights. It began with a rallying charge to the ministry’s workforce where she demanded renewed dedication to fast tracking the State government’s policy thrust for the ministry.

Within the short period of her appointment, Toyosi’s action styled leadership has seen the revival of a number of laudable agricultural and rural development initiatives geared towards ensuring food security to alleviate the suffering masses.

With her at the helm of affairs, the signs are auspicious for an era of accelerated progress in the State’s agricultural and rural development trajectory.

Just the tip of the iceberg

And she has only just begun. Going by her records so far, hopes are high, and it’s no exaggeration to project that from a humble community in Kwara State has risen yet another amazon in the mold of the Dora Akunyilis, Oby Ezekwesilis, Ngozi Okonjo-Iwealas and other outstanding women leaders Nigeria boasts of.

Definitely a star to watch in the public service arena, there’s no doubt that given the right exposure and opportunities, she has what it takes to excel at federal level – to write the country’s name in gold in the comity of nations.

Indeed, people like her who bring the better angels of human nature into public service are worth projecting in the most positive light. Such honor isn’t just well earned, it serves as motivation for even greater service.

Jibore Impeccable Foundation, an ethical NGO is on a mission to redefine the concept of “Disability” as “This Ability”. It operates on the firm belief that disability isn’t inability but a unique ability.

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